RTI: The Path of Least Resistance™

Rescue Therapeutics, Inc. (RTI) is a Texas-based company formed in 2012 to commercialize the discovery of a non-toxic line of drug candidates that enhance the efficacy of existing chemotherapy regimens.  The discovery was made by researchers at Texas A&M University and has shown efficacy in preclinical studies in a wide range of cancers and in conjunction with a number of chemotherapy agents.

RTI’s lead drug candidate is RTI-79, which has been tested in multiple in vitro and in vivo models and selected for its safety, efficacy, stability and ease of manufacturing.

Our Mission

RTI’s mission is to develop drugs that significantly improve the efficacy of existing, well-understood chemotherapy treatments without exposing patients to new toxicities or decreases in quality of life.

The Need For RTI’s Products

According to researchers at the National Cancer Institute, virtually all cancer deaths can be said to have occurred because chemotherapy failed.  These failures happen because patients’ tumors were resistant at the outset or eventually developed resistance after exposure to chemotherapy agents.  In the United States alone, this represents over 500,000 deaths each year.  Clearly, a drug that can reduce or eliminate resistance can have a dramatic impact on cancer treatment outcomes, potentially saving hundreds of thousands of lives each year.

Our Approach

Much of the cancer treatment research underway today is focused on the development of new, cytotoxic compounds or the combination of two or more existing chemotherapeutics into a new treatment regimen.  While some of these efforts may show promise, most of the treatment programs expose patients to higher levels of side effects potentially limiting the duration of treatment or decreasing quality of life.

The RTI research team has taken a different approach.  They embraced a goal of developing a drug that, when added to existing chemotherapy routines, enhances the effectiveness of that routine without exposing patients to new or increased toxicities.  Accomplishing this goal will improve patient outcomes by making tumors more responsive to chemotherapy, not increasing side effects and not further diminishing quality of life.  Our initial preclinical results indicate this goal may be within reach.

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RTI is a closely held C-corporation funded by a major academic institution and private investors.

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